how to support

Prayer, like, share, comment and encouragement are ways to support me in my efforts. In reality I do not need much financial support to fully sustain my family and put all my spare time into teachings and videos. It would be a huge blessing for financial support to cover the cost of upgrading my computer system, the ongoing costs for the programs I use and to eliminate the need for time to put into work. However, between the two I would prefer non-financial support over financial because as this type helps my efforts reach more people and that is the point. Financial support is really for those who honestly believe in what I am doing and can give. If you wish to provide financial support then please reach out to me through email and we can discuss. I suggest that if you wish to support you tell me how you wish to do it and I will let you know if that is an option. Any and all finical support would currently go towards a 3rd party animator as I am trying to find a reliable source to animate my "Soil and the Seed" project." I simply do not have the skills myself to make this happen.