Parable of the just judge and the lawless one

-by Donnie Young

A man is on trial for a series of crimes he committed while visiting another country. The judge is extremely fair and just and wishes to first determine if the man even knew of the laws he broke. Some laws the man knew and others he did not. Some laws he knew the punishment for and others he did not. The judge then questioned the man on his own moral code and the rules he lived by. Upon investigation he discovered that his own standards were consistent in some areas and very hypocritical in others. His last line of questioning was that of his homeland and discovered that some of the laws he broke while here would not have been permitted in his own land. It was at this time that the defendant argued that those laws are not enforced in his homeland. The judge politely listened to the man defend himself and once he was done speaking he responded with this. In our land we do not have useless rules. We enforce every one of them because every one of them matter. I am giving you a choice right here and now. Stay here and live by rules that matter. As you can see, we enfource our rules at the individuual level and at the government level. Or go back to those who make rules but only enforce them when it matters to them. The choice is yours. However, you cannot stay here and continue to live as if you are still in your homeland. If you choose to stay you will be welcome to learn of our ways. However, the way of your homeland will not be welcome here.