Appointed times

Upcoming Appointed times based on Genesis 1, Exodus 12, 13 & 20, Leviticus 23

  1. Weekly 7th day Sabbath: Sunset Friday to sunset Saturday every week.

  2. Forecast for New Moon (month) sighted from Temple Mount in Jerusalem: Sunset 02/02/2022

  3. New year: Based upon history the most likely new moon sightings that will also have abib barley will be either 03/04/2021 or 04/02/2021. While I am not in Israel I will be on the lookout for sources to confirm abib barley before the New Moon on February 2nd 2022. We will not know till abib barley is sighted in Israel what new moon will be the beginning of months according to Exodus 12 and 13.

  4. Passover: The evening of the 14th day (going into the 15th day) after the new year (see #3).

  5. Unleavened Bread: 1st month of new year from the 15th through the 21st once #3 above is established. 15th and 21st will both be High days.

  6. Beginning count to Pentecost/Feast of weeks: The 50 day count will begin on the 1st day (Sunday) of the week during the week of Unleavened Bread. Many call this First Fruits and it is the day the first sheaf offering is made of the new grain (barley).

  7. Pentecost: Once the 50 day/7 week count is made from #6 above we observe this High Day.

  8. Trumpets: 7th month 1st day. High Day.

  9. Atonement: 7th month 9th day at evening (sunset) to 10th day at evening (sunset). High Day.

  10. Tabernacles: 7th month from 15th-21st. 15th is a High Day.

  11. 8th Great day: 7th month 22nd day. This is a high day.

NEW MOON UPDATE January 4th 2022

Facebook Group: Biblical Calendar forum: Aviv barley and the new moon reports from Israel has confirmed sighting of moon for 01/04/2022

Devorah's Date Tree (Karaite Jewish source) has concluded that the New Moon will be sighted on the 4th. This is due to them determining that a month cycle cannot have 30 days. Based on math and historical observations I understand where they are coming from but do not agree with this stance. Because this idea is not stated in scripture it is purely based on the understanding of man.

This is the 11th New Moon by my count.


I am working with a friend to produce a series of video (audio/podcast) teachings on the ARCM. ARCM stands for "Astronomical Rosh Chodesh Model". These videos will be on the history of forecasting Rosh Chodesh as well as what it takes to forecast them with a high degree of accuracy with modern technology. The ARCM is also document that covers 10 years (2020-2030) worth of New Moon forecasts. The calculations have a 2 year history of accuracy already and will continue to work well beyond the current do

I have already put our a video giving a very basing understanding of days, weeks, months and years based on scripture alone. That video can be found here. Next I will work on a much more detailed understanding of the appointed times of God. I will do a video for each subject and I will cover them in this order.

Sabbath, Passover, Unleavened Bread, 7 year land cycle, Feast of Weeks, Tabernacles, Trumpets, Atonement, 8th Great Day, 50 year land cycle, and New Moon.

You may notice that "First Fruits" is missing from this list and to put it simply I do not believe the day the shief offering is made during the week of Unleavened Bread is ever actually called "First Fruits". The only day I see being called "First Fruits" is actually Feast of Weeks or Pentecost. This process of "First Fruits" is a 50 day process and I will cover that in the Feast of Weeks video.

This list seems out of order but I did this list based on how these appointed times are given chronologically.