About Foundation Messiah

Foundation Messiah is an online source for biblical teachings. Currently we have written articles found here on the website and videos that can be found on our YouTube channel "Foundation Messiah" that cover many biblical topics. Teachings, both video and written, are done by Donnie Young. Perspective videos also include Evelyn Young as these videos are really meant to our perspective and not true teachings. Please see the video section for more information about our perspective videos.

More about what we believe

Foundation Messiah's focus is to teach what the Messiah taught and to live a life according to the example the Messiah provided to the best of our ability in this modern world.

The way this manifests differently than most others in our modern age is that we follow Christ's example in keeping Sabbath, eating clean, keeping God's appoints times such as Tabernacles and wearing tassels.

We are fine with any rendering of the name of the Messiah. However, we prefer to use Yeshua as we simply believe it is most likely the one that would have been used 2000 years ago. We are not dogmatic about it and typically even avoid the name by using titles such as Christ or Messiah.

When we say we follow the teachings and example of Christ we are not saying we toss out other authors or books. We simple choose to look at scripture though Christ our cornerstone and not the other way around. If we perceive contradictions we choose to side with what we believe the Messiah did and taught. An example of this is that many believle Paul teaches that people do not need to keep Sabbath. Because we see Christ keeping the Sabbath we choose to follow that example.

We do not believe nor do we teach a works based salvation. We follow these instructions and examples not to be saved but because we are saved.

Please let us know if you have questions about what we believe or wish to discuss this further. My email is at the bottom of every page.

NOTE on what This ministry is not focused on: End time prophecy, conspiracy theories, world governments, political issues or calling out specific people or ministries. This could be the calling of some other people/groups but it is currently not part of my calling so I will stay in my lane. While I call sin what it is this is not meant to bash any specific church, person or ministry. My enemy is not made of flesh and blood.

Be blessed and be a blessing