About Foundation Messiah

Foundation Messiah is an online source for biblical teachings. Currently we have written articles found here on the website and videos that can be found on our YouTube channel "Foundation Messiah" that cover many biblical topics. Teachings, both video and written, are done by Donnie Young. Perspective videos also include Evelyn Young as these videos are really meant to our perspective and not true teachings. Please see the video section for more information about our perspective videos.

More about what we believe

To put this simply we believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This God inspired the writing of what we call the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible contains the commandments, right rulings, statutes, laws, testimonies, prophecies and purpose of this almighty God. The LORD, as written in many English translations, chose Abraham as the founding father of the nation He would build here on Earth. God carries this down from Abraham to Isaac, then Jacob, then his 12 sons and eventually chooses Yeshua, also called Jesus in most English translations, to build His nation of people here on Earth.

It is Yeshua we listen to in regards to how to follow the LORD. We do not ignore or set aside any scripture but we filter our understanding on subjects through our Messiah's life and teachings. A prime example is that we choose to keep the 7th day Sabbath just as the Messiah does. While we do not have a direct teaching by the Messiah to keep the Sabbath holy we see Yeshua set the example with his life. Yeshua kept the Sabbath day commandments according to the correct interpretation of how to keep it and not according to the traditions that were prevalent in that day and age. Another example is that Yeshua actually holds his followers to a higher standard that that of the Torah, or first 5 books, as expressed in his teaching on divorce and remarriage. Yeshua teaches that divorce is permissible due to sexual immorality but that this allowance is only because our hearts are hard. Yeshua then goes on to teach that any remarriage, while former spouse is alive, is committing adulteries. This teaching is not directly found in the Torah. Therefor, Christ holds us to a higher standard.

We wish to keep this section simple so I will only add information to it if I feel it is very necessary. We are not part of any denomination. However, here is a short list of doctrine we follow.

  • One true God of the Holy Bible. the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  • The prophetical Messiah is Yeshua, also known as Jesus, and it is to him we are to listen.

  • The Messiah is not equal to or greater than God the Father.

  • Holy Spirit is also not equal to or greater than God the Father.

  • Holy Spirit is the gift of God given to help those who call upon His name to die to the old self and be reborn into the new man. This is both a single moment in time as well as a process that will continue till a person's first death.

  • Second death is the final death and there is no coming back from this death.

  • 7th day Sabbath is the mark that it is God who sanctifies us (Leviticus 31:12-17)

  • Leviticus 23/Numbers 28-29 appointed times

  • Leviticus 11 dietary instructions

  • Sliver sighting of New Moon from Israel

  • Abib barley harvestable in Israel in conjunction with new moon sighting to begin the new year

  • Strick adherence to how to handle disputes between brothers in faith

  • Marriage is between a man and a woman till death does them part

  • Strict adherence to leadership instructions inside of the body of Christ

  • Yeshua is coming again to judge the world. This is known as the 2nd coming

This is not an exhaustive list of everything we believe. This is also not a finished list. I hope to add to it to better help people fully understand how we read scripture. If you disagree with our stance on any of these subjects then please email me (link at bottom of page) and we can look into the subject one on one. If you wish to know where we stand on a subject not covered then you can also email me and I will do my best to give you sound doctrine based on our study of scripture. If it is something I have not studied or will not be looking into in the near future then I will let you know.

This ministry is not focused on end time prophecy, conspiracy theories, world governments, political issues or calling out specific people or ministries. This could be the calling of some other people/groups but it is currently not part of my calling so I will stay in my lane. While I call sin what it is this is not meant to bash any specific church, person or ministry. My enemy is not made of flesh and blood.

Be blessed and be a blessing

I plan to keep this page simple so please understand that many doctrine type questions will simply not be answered here. However, if you care to hear my specific perspective or gain clarification on something I said then feel free to reach out to me. Email link is at the bottom of every page.