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Updated 1/10/2022: YouTube videos have been more consistent. I have also starting spending more time adding more things to this site and keeping it more organized. Feedback for anyone who actually views this page would be welcome. I am currently mostly in a clean up stage as I really want to make sure the flow of the site is well thought out. I am getting a better picture of how I want this site to look and run and that is a good thing. Soon I will have it the way I want and then it will more a lot smoother.

The "About" section has more information and explains in simple terms some of what we believe.

More articles to come as well as.

Remember that full reports for moon sightings from Israel will be on the Appointed times page. I will no longer be giving the "Yes it was sighted" here on the main page. If you want the report then check it out. I am here to educate and point you to some resources you can check for yourself.

Feedback is welcome. I am not looking to be too fancy here but I do want this to be smooth and easy to navigate.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

Irons in the fire

Projects in the works by priority list

This is not necissarily how these will come out but this is how I am spending most of my time. These subject are not always easy to work out and depending how I edit the video will also depend on when the project is complete.

  • Divorce and remarriage Part 2: Pt 1 laid the foundation of what the Messiah taught on this subject. What does the rest of the bible have to say on the subject?

  • Isaiah 5:20 series: I wish to do at least 2 videos a month for this series. The one I am working on now is Idols. To be clear. I will not cover all sin subjects. It must fit a very specific idea. Is there a popular teaching today that directly calls something good that God calls evil/abomination/sin or visa versa.

  • Appointed times videos: I have already put out a video covering the basics. I will do a video for each appointed time in detail. Sabbath will be the first and honestly the largest video as it has more passages that any other appointed time. I hope to also have at least Sabbath done before the end of Jan then put out 2 videos a month till project is complete.

  • All other free time is going to a special project. The Soil and the Seed video series that will take a slow walk through each Good News (Gospel) account. This will be a weekly video and I will post my notes in the teaching section. UPDATE 1/10/2022: Great news. After talking with a friend I was able to come up with a plan. Basically I am going to go through the Gospel accounts 3 times. Soil and the Seed (Beginner), Growing Roots (Intermediate) and Producing fruit (Advanced). Don't get to stuck on the names in parentheses though. I honestly believe everyone can benefit from the Soil and the Seed course because I am going to be walking through Matthew and Matthew alone on a very basic surface level. Think "If I was hearing this story spoken to me in a classroom" week after week. There would be parts you would remember and parts your friend Sarah might remember. So, together you would be able to remember the whole story right? That's how I want to approach each Gospel account. Just like it was a teacher with a group of kids who might not be able to read of there is only a single copy of the book. The next level, Growing roots, would put you into the peer seat. Now, I want you to act as if you are Matthew. You have all the same books he has. How much more can you learn when you are not just reading Matthew but also Genesis - Malachi? The last would course would be the Producing Fruit section and then we take what we have learned for these 4 accounts and move forwards. Comparing them to each other as well as to the letters of the Apostles. What did the early church do with the teachings of Christ? The purpose of all three is to establish a foundation with the Soil and the Seed by clearing our field and showing how the life and teachings of the Messiah can greatly benefit out lives. We will then take what we learn there and build upon that foundation with the Growing Roots section. This is give us a much better understanding as to what the Messiah teaches as well as why he walked as he walked. The final section, Producing Fruit, will show how these concepts and ideas are expressed moving forward into what we call the New Testament. This will give us a better idea on how we should live our lives keeping Christ's example and teachings as the foundation we build upon. This will be a long series of teachings but I feel very strongly about this. It is by far not a finished work but here is a link to the first rough video draft as a special gift for anyone who actually reads this. It is a 15 min video and this video is not viewable through any method other than the link. Soil and the Seed: Matthew Ep1

  • I am in the early stages but I have been talking with a friend who is very knowledgeable about the biblical ways of tracking time, modern ways of tracking time and the history of how people have tracked time throughout the years. I am very much in the early stages of this. Update:1/10/22: A Facebook group has been created in regards to New Moon forecasts. We are still working on possible video ideas but because of the distance between us and other factors this is not an easy task.