NEW MOON UPDATE october 7th 2021

Devorah's Date Tree (Karaite Jewish source) has confirmed sighting of the New Moon is Israel has confirmed sighting of new moon for 10/7/21

Facebook Group: Biblical Calendar forum: Aviv batley and the new moon reports from Israel has confirmed sighting of moon for 10/7/21

This is the 8th New Moon by my count.

Welcome to Foundation Messiah!

Launch 8/15/2021: I have many plans that will take time to implement so please check back every so often to view the progress. I have most of the non-perspective videos already linked on the video page as well as begun to upload written teachings. I plan to add more weekly to the site.

I will update the sightings of the moon sliver and links to the sources as soon as they are available. I do not rely on a single website or person and suggest that no one uses this site as your only source for tracking of the New Moons. I do however wish to be a source.

Feedback is welcome. I am not looking to be too fancy here but I do want this to be smooth and easy to navigate.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

Upcoming Appointed times based on Genesis 1, Exodus 12 & 20, Leviticus 23

Weekly 7th day Sabbath: Sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

New Moon (month) sighted from Temple Mount in Jerusalem: Projected sunset 10-7-21 (confirmed)

New year: No projection at this time. Will be when cultivated barley is ready for harvest and a new moon is sighted. Will be late winter to early spring.

Passover: Once new year is established Passover will be on the evening of the 14th going into the 15th.

Unleavened Bread: Will be the 15th through the 21st. 15th and 21st will both be High days.

Beginning count to Feast of weeks: The 50 day count will begin on the 1st day (Sunday) of the week during the week of Unleavened Bread. Many call this First Fruits and it is the day the first sheaf offerings is made of the new grain.


As I said. I have lots of plans. My main focus is on a video series that will take a slow walk through each Gospel. This will be a weekly video and I will post my notes in the teaching section a few days after the video. I do not plan to publish the videos till I have several weeks worth already prepared. This should allow me to post one every week till a book is done without any missed weeks. I currently have three weeks of notes done but only one video complete. Once I have 10 videos complete I will begin to release them.

Our perspective videos should start back up this week (8/16/2021) or next. Once we start back up we will be doing Leviticus 26-27. These videos will release every Monday. For those that will be new to this we are doing a 7 year plan to go through the entire bible and provide out perspective. While we are happy to share our thoughts we are really doing this for our children. Our goal is for them to know how we view every passage in the entire bible.