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Updated 5/4/2022: YouTube channel is going through some changes. I am simplifying the focus of everything to just the teachings and example of Christ. Too often we get into the weeds and loose focus on exactly what our Messiah teaches or the example he sets on a matter. Simply put, I do not want to add to the confusion.

I will be updating the "about" section of this website to reflect the above statement. I plan to do that right after I do this page. I am still unsure how quickly these update and who checks these so please check back if it has not updated.

I plan to begin to write more article and post them as well. This is simply an exercise I plan to do more often. Also, if you wish to submit possible articles then I would be more than willing to review them and possibly add them as well. They would not have to fall into the the strict guideline I am giving myself on the "sticking to just what Christ teaches or provides an example on."

Feedback is welcome. I am not looking to be too fancy here but I do want this to be smooth and easy to navigate.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

Irons in the fire

Projects in the works by priority list

This is not necessarily how these will come out but this is how I am spending most of my time. These subject are not always easy to work out and depending how I edit the video will also depend on when the project is complete.

  • My heart right now wants to work on an important project that is called the Soil and the Seed. This is going to be a very basic surface level reading and understanding of the four good news/gospel accounts. I will start with Matthew and go all the way through John. This is not just for kids but for anyone who just want this to be be a broken down. I am thinking of this walk though the four books as prepping the soil. I am making the assumption that the listener is one of the 3 soils that is not really ready to receive the word of God. In other words, I am going to be pointing out the thorn bushes, hard ground, rocks, cares of the words, birds that want to steal the word from us and things like that... from Christ's own teachings... as we walk through the four gospels. This will take time. However, once done the plan is to go through the same four gospels but this time dig deeper. This next time will not be prepping the soil but planting seeds. The soil was prepped last time. But, that's a bit in the future right now. I will have to cross that bridge when I get there. Here is a "pilot" as it where. I am working on much better edits and hopefully much better animations now. Soil and the Seed: Matthew Ep1 this is a private video so it is not something that can be searched but only found through clicking the link.

  • Still working on videos about the appointed times. I apologize it is taking much longer than anticipated.

  • I am in the early stages but I have been talking with a friend who is very knowledgeable about the biblical ways of tracking time, modern ways of tracking time and the history of how people have tracked time throughout the years. I am very much in the early stages of this. A Facebook group has been created in regards to New Moon forecasts. We are still working on possible video ideas but because of the distance between us and other factors this is not an easy task. Updated 5/4/2022: It has been a long time in the making and there are still no real updates to this. I am unsure if this project is still going to happen or not. Foundation Messiah is still going to pursue putting out content in regards to new moon updates even if it is simple posts.